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Random PM OOC

naou_sota: another female uchiha?
uchiha_mary_sue: The name says it all, doesn't it?
naou_sota: indeed
naou_sota: lemme guess sasuke's sister?
uchiha_mary_sue: Uh... does "Mary Sue" usually mean anything these days?
naou_sota: Not sure its an American name with a japanese family name
uchiha_mary_sue: It's a mockery of all the originals trying to fit into the anime series with American names. Get it?
uchiha_mary_sue: Henceforth, the "Mary Sue" or "Billy Bob" use.
naou_sota: lol ok
naou_sota: I get it now
uchiha_mary_sue: heh good
naou_sota: ^^
naou_sota: so what are you up to?
uchiha_mary_sue: Nothing; just browsing the rooms after being away for just about over a year.
naou_sota: wow
uchiha_mary_sue: Yep
naou_sota: welcome back then
uchiha_mary_sue: Nah, i'm not coming back, just a little sidetracked and wondering how Ayenee or what's left of it is doing. LoL looks the same if not worse.
naou_sota: i never cared bout ayenee lol
uchiha_mary_sue: Oh well.
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