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July 4th

I spent the day quite constructively.

Noon- workout
2pm - Grab lunch for 4.
4pm -Pick up lunch and off to take the train to downtown. Play the waiting game till the fireworks show begins....
930pm- Still freezing my ass off in the park.
941pm- FINALLY! The fireworks begin and end in just under 20 min. then everyone made their leave, like every year and flooded all the streets.
1045pm- Got on a train. THAT FAST? YES. Because crowd control was splendid for the train station!
1130pm- Got home and took a mean shower and ate dinner, while Helen called to invite me to go out to celebrate 4th of July at her buddy's restaurant for some drinking and dining and smoking, etc. I declined since i agonized for over 5 hours in the cold, gusty park near the lakefront just to see some fireworks. LOL
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