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Fate/Stay Night RP

pride_and_arrogance: Rawr.
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pride_and_arrogance: Rawr. <o.o>
master_tohsaka_rin: o.o
pride_and_arrogance: -Clunks her on the head with Enuma Elish....lightly.-
master_tohsaka_rin: *winces a bit and snorts lightly* h-hey...what was that for?
master_tohsaka_rin: *flecks pea-sized gems in retaliation*
pride_and_arrogance: -Blinks.- Something I felt like doing. Since I don't have that Shirou kid to torture. -Blinks as the gems harmlessly fall short of him.-
master_tohsaka_rin: *sweatdrops* ...yeah well, good luck with that... unless you plan on replacing him with me... *glares*
pride_and_arrogance: -He chuckled.- And what do you plan on doing to me girl?
master_tohsaka_rin: *grits her teeth, she couldn't admit she lost Archer for a while...he only went missing..sorta, well--disobedient for the time being, "...i..haven't thought of anything...yet, but i will if need be."*
pride_and_arrogance: Mm...looks like you have a rogue servant on your hands~
master_tohsaka_rin: *narrows eyes, "I sent him off...for important matters."*
pride_and_arrogance: Important matters eh?
master_tohsaka_rin: Of course. Unlike Emiya-kun, i don't waste time. *folds arms infront assuringly*
pride_and_arrogance: Thats why he's been wandering around like a lost puppy isn't it?
pride_and_arrogance: That shirou kid...he's got a rogue servant as well.
master_tohsaka_rin: *lowers arms, "....he's not lost. Like i said, he's doing other important duties. Saber..? She's the best there is."*
pride_and_arrogance: -He nodded.- Indeed. Saber was interested in having you as a master.
master_tohsaka_rin: And i should have had Saber as my servant....but...some things don't go the way you want them to. *shrugs; still, some hostility remained for her summoning of Archer instead*
pride_and_arrogance: Mm...perhaps I'll let Saber retrieves what he wants, kill Archer, then kill that Shirou kid...and you'll have Saber all to yourself~
master_tohsaka_rin: *smirked lightly, Rin wouldn't allow that, she had too much pride for herself to let him do all the work, "...Perhaps not. I'm disgusted with someone else doing all the work for me."*
pride_and_arrogance: Mm.. you sure about that? -He grinned.- I'm offering you a chance to get what you want~
master_tohsaka_rin: Offer denied.
master_tohsaka_rin: I go by my rules, and my rules only.
pride_and_arrogance: -He snickered at her.- I see.
master_tohsaka_rin: And for someone like you to even offer such a thing to me, i'm sure there is quite a catch.
pride_and_arrogance: -He shook his head.- My Master said do as I please...and I'm doing as I want.
master_tohsaka_rin: .....i don't buy it.
pride_and_arrogance: -He chuckled.- Well Saber herself admited she didn't want that Shirou kid as a Master...so I only figured I'd return the favor to her...
master_tohsaka_rin: Be it as it may... Archer is still under me. *forming fists on both sides, it was a shame he still hadnt returned yet. Rin would beat him for good once he does.*
pride_and_arrogance: -Snickers.- Mm...
pride_and_arrogance: You might find these entertaining...
pride_and_arrogance: http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q210/neoncrew/gilgamesh/29-1.jpg
master_tohsaka_rin: Nah.. its...funny but.. nah...
pride_and_arrogance: Mmm...how about one in a reality where you are my master?
pride_and_arrogance: http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q210/neoncrew/gilgamesh/04.jpg
master_tohsaka_rin: Hn...makes me appreciate having Archer as my servant.
pride_and_arrogance: -Snickers.- Uh huh...I still got a kick out of that though.
master_tohsaka_rin: *sips some tea in her little corner quietly*
pride_and_arrogance: Would you waste a command seal on your servant for whatever reason?
pride_and_arrogance: As not to allow him to do something like this again?
master_tohsaka_rin: If i have no other choice, i will. And i have.
pride_and_arrogance: -He snickered.- Mm...I suppose thats better then the seal my master wasted on me.
master_tohsaka_rin: Archer's tested my patience all too much. But it was in extreme circumstances.
pride_and_arrogance: -He nodded.- Caren's too focused on not letting me out of her sight. -He shook his head.- That seal she used on me was rather embarrasing..
master_tohsaka_rin: Heh, for someone like you, that's a smart command seal she used. Letting you run amok is the last thing anyone wants. *grins*
pride_and_arrogance: -Arms cross.- Well for as long as she lives...she's the woman I desire...
master_tohsaka_rin: *just stares off to the side, "Alright then... so why waste your time bragging to me when you should spend more time with her?" yawns*
pride_and_arrogance: Because Master is asleep, and I figured I'd get some free time while she is.
master_tohsaka_rin: Well then... as interesting as this conversation is, i'd best be on my way.
pride_and_arrogance: Hmm...I suppose so.
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