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medic_sakuro_haruno: Hey! What's up, best friend?
ino.yamanaka: Ah, Big Forehead.
medic_sakuro_haruno: The one and only. What's happenin'?
ino.yamanaka: Huh? Irl or ic?
medic_sakuro_haruno: either or, just trying to be firendly :-P
ino.yamanaka: Ah ok, well, food poisoning happened since Thursday so i haven't fully recovered. That's just irl.
ino.yamanaka: Ic-wise, nothing. I haven't RPed for...oh... years?
medic_sakuro_haruno: Need a medical ninja? :-P
ino.yamanaka: And how about you?
ino.yamanaka: Heh.
medic_sakuro_haruno: I'm fine, I'm fine, just ya know, having fun with this new character here.
medic_sakuro_haruno: and if you're lacking RP, I might be able to solve that problem for ya?
medic_sakuro_haruno: Only there's this tiny sticking point that might be a problem
ino.yamanaka: Nah, i am not seeking RP actually. I'm just limited to one person i suppose.
medic_sakuro_haruno: ah, so ya dont wanna RP then?
ino.yamanaka: no thanks
medic_sakuro_haruno is typing a message.
medic_sakuro_haruno: Alright then. Care to chat maybe? Or should I just go away :-P
ino.yamanaka: Unless you welcome watery stool as i sit on the toilet..., then you should scatter off.
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