Midii_Une/Fi (midii_une) wrote,


baka_miroku25: NOSPAM
gainsborough.aeris: o-o
baka_miroku25: I am Miroku
gainsborough.aeris: I...see that.
baka_miroku25: Your beauty has captured me
gainsborough.aeris: Where's Sango?
baka_miroku25: she is... v_v
baka_miroku25: If you have someone...i'll understand
gainsborough.aeris: Speaking of which..., Zack's late again.
baka_miroku25: i had a crush on you, but you didn't noticed, i was to shy
gainsborough.aeris: So..where is Sango?
baka_miroku25: she's gone...and never came back
gainsborough.aeris: Perhaps you should go after her.
baka_miroku25: i waited...but i moved on without her
gainsborough.aeris: That's a shame.
baka_miroku25: (If u have someone already, it's ok)
baka_miroku25: nvm)
baka_miroku25: ms. aeris
gainsborough.aeris: What?
baka_miroku25: let me...father you child
gainsborough.aeris: -takes her flowerbasket and gripping tightly with both hands on the handle, Aeris swings with full force in one sweeping upward motion towards Miroku's jaw, going for an uppercut-like style attack-
baka_miroku25: +_v
baka_miroku25: I guess not
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