Midii_Une/Fi (midii_une) wrote,


no_its.your_bad: NOSPAM -tackles- Rawr!
apprentice_summoner_yuna: o-o
no_its.your_bad: -stands over her and cackles- Heh heh...
apprentice_summoner_yuna: -stares out at him rather awkwardly, one hand gripping rather tensely at her summoning staff-
no_its.your_bad: -blinks, stepping down on the staff- You're free to fight back but, no weapons! -wags finger at-
apprentice_summoner_yuna: -grunts softly as she struggled to tug on that staff being suppressed by his foot- Doesn't..seem fair either way...
no_its.your_bad: -smirks- Oh, believe me, I think you'll do better than you thing.
no_its.your_bad: think*
apprentice_summoner_yuna: -plays dead then-
no_its.your_bad: -blinks and searches her person for valuables, and is tempted on taking the staff, as well.-
apprentice_summoner_yuna: I have no money.
no_its.your_bad: -blinks- Ack! I thought you were dead! -gropes accidently-
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