Midii_Une/Fi (midii_une) wrote,

Naruto OOC

naruto_shadowclone_master: Hello Ino!
kunoichi_chuunin_yamanaka_ino: hello...there...
naruto_shadowclone_master: How are you doing Ino. -Walks up to her.-
kunoichi_chuunin_yamanaka_ino: Hmn, busy as usual.
naruto_shadowclone_master: Doing mission and working atr the flower shop alot?
kunoichi_chuunin_yamanaka_ino: Yep
naruto_shadowclone_master: Want to go with me and get something to eat her some?
kunoichi_chuunin_yamanaka_ino: Nah... i'm good
naruto_shadowclone_master: Oh, what you want to do then Ino?
kunoichi_chuunin_yamanaka_ino: I'm closing up the shop, you--i have no clue what you are gonna do.
naruto_shadowclone_master: I don't really know Ino. I guess I will do whatevery you feel like doing if you don't mind me tagging along
kunoichi_chuunin_yamanaka_ino: Uh...this is..a Yamanaka thing.
naruto_shadowclone_master: I mean after you done closing the shop.
kunoichi_chuunin_yamanaka_ino: I dunno, probably just gonna go eat dinner with mom and sleep.
naruto_shadowclone_master: Oh, ok I will leave you alone then Ino
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