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B-day Dinner

On the night of Thursday, Helen, Mei-Mei and Mei Yee took me out for my bday dinner at Matsuya for some delicious japanese food. Finally tried the oyster shooter and it was delicious! Mmmn.

Our menu:
Oyster shooters x 4
Seaweed salad
Ginger squid
Miso soup x 4
Steak teriyaki, cucumber salad, shrimp salad
Combination C- Tempura, teriyaki chicken & beef, cucumber salad
Party tray sashimi, white tuna, etc.
Godzilla roll
Green tea ice cream x 2

Sums up to $90 total, not including tip. LOL

But alas, working on my bday ruins all the fun; Blah, oh well, at least i had a nice time out despite the incredible, pouring rain on Thursday night! So any thoughts on 26? None really, other than becoming a bitter old hag. Huzzah.
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