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Loss of Faith

Today i had an unexpected surprise in my mailslot. Apparently, my HS best friend had dropped off a present for me upon her return back to Mexico. I was aware that she had been visiting a few months back, and she did contact me via e-mail upon arrival. My cellphone hasn't changed, but i'm actually grateful she didn't further contact me as she said she would. So instead, i got a set of wooden pen holders, one with my name on it and another with Durango, Mexico written on it. These are easily replaced with the ink stick part from a random BIC pen. That crazy skank. As Angie would have said it, "I would have wanted that cheapass candle instead from last year!" It's true, i don't need more pens, there's more blackouts here instead.

In another note, I'm finally on my last straw with mankind. I'm fed up. If it's not big babies, it's men who act like them. Seriously. I'm not sure if this is the week for men to be extra sensitive or something but, ugh. I know i'm being a hypocrite for saying that they are, whereas i am like that too. However, not at something so simple as a misunderstanding! Whatever.

Hopefully i will be able to destress myself entirely since i'm off to Disneyworld next week. Only drawback is, because i'm the designated driver, i won't be able to drink while in Pleasure Island. Sad face. But that's alright, so long as i get rest and relaxation and plenty of distraction---who knows, i might gain my sanity back for once.
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