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Remodelling Chaos

Just when things seem ready to clear, it gets worse. Angie likes to call it something along the lines of, "It's just one of Fi's typical bad luck again and you have the worst kind!" That's exactly what it is. There was a 10-day hault in the process over the remodelling, due to an inspector passing by and taking notice in the newest addition to our once-barren backyard: A garage. Thus, while on his electrical routine checkups from the outside, had to inspect us from the inside and slapped the constructors with a FAIL stamp till the electricity is brought up to code. So with this chaos now at a newer height, we have to wait for the electric company to upgrade our electrical wiring, which means tearing down the new walls that were already installed....More aggravation. Not to mention, the electric company is charging $8,000 for this. And i'm probably going to be postponed to moving back till August. Lord knows when. I just honestly hope that i don't end up flying to Disneyworld BEFORE the construction is over!

Tama's pet hotel bill is skyhigh as it is. And as each day comes, more stuff to do, and it's getting more annoying since i have to dig up old records or whatever it may be, just to finish some paperwork off for property tax, even the occassional bills, etc. My checkbook has also found the perfect time to reach its end! I don't remember where everything is located since it's all stuffed away in some sort of garbage bag. Hell, i can't even find something as simple as a freakin' mirror just to pluck my brows. I'm currently turning into a beast in the brow regions, Angie. LMAO

As the one with the world's worst luck, all i can say is, "HURRY DAT AZZ UP!"@constructionfest 2008; I went to the zoo today, as a change of pace from going to the gym to workout so much. It was exactly 10 years ago when i last went for a history project.
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