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Lakeshore Bar and Shakespeare

In addition to my boredom of biding my days til the remodeling is done, i've decided to continue my long abandoned rants. Yesterday, i filled my day chock-filled with activities and literally shopped till i dropped.

We went for dim sum for breakfast. 10am
Then Gurnee Mills for crazy shopping. 12pm
Dinner back in Chinatown. 6pm
Bar at the lakefront. 1030pm

All in all, the lakeview was nice since we actually had alcohol right on the beach itself. Though somewhat chilly, and had an invasion of mosquitoes.

Today, i went out to exercise per the usual. But at night, saw a play in the Shakespeare Theatre. It's called The Comedy of Errors. Basically a setting during WW1 but using Shakespeare plays molded into it nicely.
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