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Remodelling Chaos

It's been several weeks since i moved out of my house temporarily for major remodelling repairs. It's major enough that i can't live there. So i managed to steal some wi-fi on a brighter note but only 2 bars connection in a desperate attempt to relieve my boredom. Here's how much i will be spending via remodeling process:

Fast Food on a daily basis for 2 (me and my elderly dad): Approx. $20/day times 40 days, $800
Contributing to the remodeling itself: $3,000
Pethotel for Tama ($14/night for 1.5 months): ~$500
Gas: $300~
Oil Change/Groceries/etc. of the usual: $200~
New Cellphone(Venus from LG):$180(minus $100 for upgrading, and minus $50 for rebate- $40 something
New Cellphone plan: $80/per month! *CRIES*
Rent for the basement for living for 1.5 months: $600~

Total Expenditure: $5,000+ rough estimation.

Probably left something out but this is all i can think of right now. I won't be back till mid-July. I was told July 4 before but now i'm not sure. Everything is ripped apart and made anew and even added a new bedroom. So who knows...sigh...

Currently sleeping on the floor with air mattress and surrounded by ants, millipedes, spiders, beetles, etc. and i hate insects. You get the drift.
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